*Must Read* How to help us help you

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*Must Read* How to help us help you Empty *Must Read* How to help us help you

Post by Admin™ on Fri Nov 08, 2013 11:24 am

SimStar loves helping people and that's why we launched The Sims 3 Technical Support (Beta).

It's only beta but we wish to know your experience. To help us help you,

1. Provide all the necessary information about your pc's specifications.
2. Provide all the information of the mods/Custom Content you have installed.
3. (If applicable) Tell us the content of the error message.

Thank you all for your cooperation and have a great day.


Do not post any questions/problems here. Post in a correct section instead!

*Must Read* How to help us help you Meme-well-that-escalated-quickly


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