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*Must Read* Forum Rules and more Empty *Must Read* Forum Rules and more

Post by Admin™ on Thu Nov 07, 2013 2:04 am

Read the forum rules before proceeding!!

Forum Rules wrote:Last Updated: 11/09/2013
Before joining this forum, Please read the following
No profanity (or any obscene content): Profanity or any content relating to profanity and  are not allowed. Any posts/signatures that contradict this rule will be removed, and any users that contravene this rule will be banned temporarily/permanently. (depending on the severity of the cases)

No online dating: SimStar is NOT an online dating site. Any users who participate in this kind of activities in the chatbox will receive a warning. If they continue after a warning, they will receive an instant ban from the chatbox. Any posts regarding dating will be deleted. Users posting them will receive a warning from moderators/administrators.

No spamming: Spamming, by definition, means posting 2 or more consecutive posts under the same topic (as known as double-posting), or opening multiple topics regarding the same matter. Any posts, regardless of the rank of the users, will be deleted without further warning. If a user spams even after the deletion, they will receive a warning private message plus mute from a senior moderator/super moderator/administrator. If the problem persists after a warning and mute, the user will be banned. Do not take the advantage of rank upgrade and spam.

Respect your forum members: Do not pick on other forum members. Bullying is not allowed in this forum. If any super moderators/administrators receive any complaints from any members, super moderators/administrators will take action swiftly. Further actions include warning, muting and banning.

No swearing or harassing: Swearing is not allowed. If any moderators acknowledge foul language/harrassment/coarsement/insults in any posts or the chatbox, the words regarding swearing will be censored. Further actions will be taken if the users contravene the rule regardless of censoring.

The forum rules are subject to change by administrators. Therefore, it is advised to check any updates on the forum rules every month.


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