The Sims 3: Pets Guide

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The Sims 3: Pets Guide

Post by cezra31 on Sat Nov 09, 2013 5:45 pm

Note: This topic assumes the readers have certain level of comprehension of The Sims 3.

(The contents are subject to be change)

This is a simple guide for The Sims 3: Pets!

I. Introduction
II. New Features
    a. Options/Gameplay
    b. Pets
    c. Traits
    d. Lifetime Wishes
    e. Lifetime Happiness Rewards
    f. Skills
    g. Career
III. Appaloosa Plains

I. Introduction

Maybe all of us love pets, am I right? I love pets, even I don't have a pet (because of my Health Issues), I experience having a Pet when I play this Expansion. You can experience being a pet too (LOL).

The Sims 3: Pets is the 5th expansion pack for The Sims 3. This is Like The Sims 2: Pets and The Sims: Unleashed. Dogs and cats are back. There are also snakes, turtles, birds, rodents, lizards, deer, raccoons and even unicorns in the PC/MAC version.

This expansion pack is full pack of added new features, but the important is to have FUN and ENJOY this expansion.

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Re: The Sims 3: Pets Guide

Post by cezra31 on Sat Nov 09, 2013 6:27 pm

II. New Features
There are many new features in this expansion. The following is a compilation of new features.

a. Options/Gameplay

Sims/Pet Anatomy

Pet Autonomy has been added in this expansion. You can disable also Sim/Pet disable autonomy.  You can pick and choose between Sims & Pets. Let’s say you want autonomy disabled for Individual Pets but not Sims (or vice versa), it’s possible.

Fetch a Date - (Dog)
This is just a funny new feature. Dogs have the ability to go and “Fetch a Date” for their owners.
Note: The Dog must have a level 5 in the hunting skill

New Music Genre
This expansion brings about 3 new types of Music for you to listen to on the radio and choose for your Sims in CAS as a favorite.

Country ~-~ Songwriter ~-~ R&B

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Re: The Sims 3: Pets Guide

Post by cezra31 on Sat Nov 09, 2013 10:32 pm

b. Pets
You can now create your adorable pet in Create-a-Pet (CAP). You can also adopt in computer, newspaper or Equestrian Center(E.Center is for Horses only)  If you don't like you pet you can put an advertisement in newspaper. You may also encounter stray pets. Fleas? Both dogs and cats can obtain fleas while outdoors.


Dogs are very cute. Dog can learn tricks, guard the house, and hunt for objects. They can be taught six tricks: sit, sit up, play dead, roll over, speak, and shake. Dogs can also be taught to hunt. They cannot learn on their own, but if taught, they can sniff out gems, metals and bones.

Here are the list of the Dog's breeds:
Dog Breeds:
Afghan Hound
Airedale Terrier
Alaskan Malamute
American Eskimo
American Foxhound
American Staffordshire Terrier
Australian Cattle Dog
Australian Shepherd
Bedlington Terrier
Bernese Mountain Dog
Bichon Frise
Black Russian Terrier
Black and Tan Coonhound
Bluetick Coonhound
Border Collie
Boston Terrier
Bull Dog
Bull Mastiff
Bull Terrier
Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Chow Chow
Chow Lab Mix
Cocker Spaniel
Curly Coated Retriever
Doberman Pinscher
English Cocker Spaniel
English Foxhound
English Setter
English Springer Spaniel
English Toy Spaniel
Field Spaniel
French Bulldog
German Shepherd
German Shorthair Pointer
Giant Schnauzer
Golden Doodle
Golden Retriever
Great Dane
Great Pyrenees
Highland Terrier
Ibizan Hound
Irish Red and White Setter
Irish Setter
Irish Terrier
Irish Wolfhound
Italian Greyhound
Jack Russell Terrier
Kerry Blue Terrier
Mini Schnauzer
Mini Pinscher
Norsk Elk Shepherd
Old English Sheepdog
Parson Russell Terrier
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Pharaoh Hound
Pit Bull Terrier
Polish Lowland Sheepdog
Redbone Coonhound
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Saint Bernard
Scottish Terrier
Shetland Sheepdog
Shiba Inu
Shih Tzu
Siberian Husky
Silky Terrier
Smooth Fox Terrier
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Standard Schnauzer
Tibetan Mastiff
Toy Fox Terrier
Welsh Springer Spaniel
West Highlander Terrier
Wheaten Terrier
Wire Fox Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier


Cats are cute specially when it's furry. They catch rodents in our house. Cats can learn how to hunt using a toy from the animal toy box, unlike dogs, they cannot be taught to hunt by their owners. Cats can hunt small pets. Unlike dogs, they cannot sniff out gems, bones, or metals, but have the ability to fish.

Here are the list of the Cat's breeds:
Cats Breeds:
American Bobtail
American Longhair
American Shorthair
American Wirehair
Black Cat
British Longhair
British Shorthair
Colorpoint Shorthair
Cornish Rex
Devon Rex
Egyptian Mau
German Rex
Havana Brown
Japanese Bobtail
Kurilian Bobtail
La Perm
Maine Coon
Norwegian Forest
Oriental Shorthair
Russian Blue
Scottish Fold
Shorthair Tabby
Turkish Angora


Horses are friendly. You can use them in transportation. Horses can learn two skills - racing and jumping.

Here are the list of Horse's breeds:
Horse's Breeds:
American Quarter Horse
American Standardbred
Anglo Arab
Australian Stock Horse

British Warmblood



Gypsy Vanner


Irish Draught



Selle Francais
Shire Horse


Welsh Cob

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Re: The Sims 3: Pets Guide

Post by cezra31 on Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:44 pm

c. Traits


This expansion has brand new Pet related traits for Sims.
Note: You may only select one of these traits to add to your Sims.

Animal Lover – Sims with the Animal Lover trait love all member of the animal Kingdom and have special benefits when interacting with Pets
Cat Person – Sims with the Cat Person trait are happiest when they are surrounded by multitudes of felines.
Dog Person – Sims with the Dog Person trait have an extra special relationship with their Dogs.
Equestrian – Equestrian Sims love Horses and Horses love them back! The mutual equine affection, makes these Sims naturals at Handling and Training Horses.

Each Pet is allowed up to 3 Traits when creating them in CAP.  Animals can also gain and lose other (hidden) traits as they progress in specific skills.  Hidden traits will be listed below in a separate section related to skill gaining.
Adventurous (Cats,Dogs) – Adventurous Pets are very curious and love to explore.
Aggressive (All) - Aggressive Pets aren’t inherently mean, they usually just have a bad attitude when interacting with other Pets. A bad attitude that usually leads to fights that is.
Agile (Horse) – Agile Horses are nimble, strong and love to jump. They make awesome show jumping competitors, but get bored if the don’t stay active.
Brave (Horse) – Brave Horses have an extra helping of courage to help them deal with the chaos of sprinklers, fireworks, burglar alarms and other terror-inducing everyday objects.
Clueless (All) – Clueless Pets tend to forget what they’re doing and are easily distracted.  They don’t learn skills and traits too quickly, but they do get along well with absent minded Sims.
Destructive (Cat,Dogs) – Whether destroying furniture or digging holes in the yard, Destructive Pets are sure to cause chaos wherever they are!
Fast (Horse) – Fast Horses are the speed demons of the animals kingdom. They love to gallop  and have a natural talent for racing, but they need plenty of exercise to stay satisfied.
Friendly (All) – Pets with the friendly trait not only get along better with other pets, but they’ll usually have better relationships with Sims as well.
Genius (All) – Genius pets are always thinking on their paws (or hooves). They learn new skills & traits quickly and get along well with other Genius pets & Sims.
Hates Jumping (Horse) – Some Horses prefer to have their hooves on the ground. When a Horse hates jumping, it will refuse to jump more often and do worse at Show Jumping and Cross-Country competitions. It may even take anger out on your new shiny training obstacles!
Hunter (Cats,Dog) – Pets with the Hunter trait are excellent at stalking and catching prey.
Hydrophobic (Dog) – Hydrophobic Dogs have a natural aversion for anything that relates to water. When in the water, they are definitely not happy.
Hyper (Cats,Dog) – Hyper Pets are super active and never like staying in one place. They are able to build energy much more quickly and have a slower energy decay.
Independent (Cats,Dog) – Independent pets not only prefer to be on their own, but have more fun when playing on their own than in big groups or other social situations.
Lazy (All) – Lazy pets just love to lie down or stay in one place as they get tired easily.
Likes Swimming (Dog) – Contrary to popular belief, not all breeds of dogs like to swim. However, when given this trait, Dogs just can’t enough satisfaction from taking a dip!
Loyal (Dog)“A Dog is a Sim’s best friend” is a saying that certainly holds true! Loyal Dogs love spending time and interacting with their Sims, and even seem to learn skills faster than other Dogs.

Neat (All) – Neat pets are naturally clean and love to be bathed.
Nervous (Horse) – Nervous Horses see danger everywhere and can be startled by the most insignificant things. They tend to get along well with neurotic Sims who have the same problem.
Noisy (All) – Noisy Pets are very vocal and provide a special accompaniment when Sims are playing instruments.
Non Destructive (Cats,Dog) – Non Destructive Pets are very gentle, and never destroy furniture or dig holes in the yard.
Obedient (Horse) – Obedient Horses are more willing to do what a Sim wants than other Horses. They’ll usually go along with a Sim’s wishes, even if they don’t know that Sim very well.
Ornery (Horse) – Ornery Horses are stubborn and don’t deal well with other Sims. They don’t like to be approached by Sims they don’t know – or even Sims they do know, for that matter.
Piggy (All) – Piggy Pets are voracious eaters who don’t mind munching garbage or drinking from the toilet.
Playful (All) – Playful Pets always want to have fun and have a happy-go-lucky attitude.
Proud (Cats,Dog) – Proud Pets think they’re better than others and make their own image a top priority; they can’t stand having low hygiene.
Quiet (All) – Quiet Pets do not make much noise.
Shy (All) – Pets with the Shy trait prefer and are happiest when around their Sim. Being around other Pets and Sims make them nervous.
Skittish (Cats,Dogs) – Skittish Pets have a nervous disposition and are easily startled.
Untrained (Horse) – Untrained Horses aren’t accustomed to having saddles and Sims on their backs. They need to spend some time being saddled and ridden by a trusted Sim to accept any rider.
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Re: The Sims 3: Pets Guide

Post by cezra31 on Tue Nov 19, 2013 8:39 pm

d. Lifetime Wishes
The Animal Rescuer – You have a soft spot for animals To see one being mistreated, abandoned or neglected breaks your heart. That is why you have made it a personal mission to adopt as many Pets as you can, to help make their world a little brighter.  (Adopt 6 Strays)
The Ark Builder – The more Pets you have, the happier you are. The same can be said for your Pets as well. It brings you and your Pets joy when another animal joins your growing herd. Some Sims may think this is an unhealthy obsession, but to you, Sim or animal, they are all part of your growing family.  (Have 2 of each – Cats, Dogs, Horses, Birds, Lizards, Turtles, Rodents, Snakes, Butterflies and Beetles)
The Canine Companion – You know that saying, dogs are a Sims best friend? Not only do you believe it – that is a motto to live by. But why limit yourself to just one best friend? You want to befriend as many Dogs as you can to not only show the world that dogs are a Sim’s best friend, but how they are the most amazing animals in the entire world!(Befriend 15 Dogs)
The Cat Herder – You love all things Feline related.  So it’s no surprise that your only goal in life is to befriend as many Cats as Simlishy possible! In a past life, you may have possibly been a Cat, which would explain why you have this undying love for them!(Befriend 15 Cats)
The Fairy Tale Finder – Why settle for a regular Pet when you can have one of the most enigmatic, charismatic and mythical animals to ever exist? The sheer presence of a Unicorn inspires and aura of tranquility and mysticism.  Not many Sims can say they’ve seen one be part of their family., so if you come across one, it’ll be worth your while to make that Unicorn a member of your family. (Adopt a Unicorn) 
The Jockey – Lightweight and Agile. The Jockey is the driving force when it comes to Horseback Riding. To reach actual Jockey status, one must dedicate one’s life to serving and being one with their Horse and their various trainers. The path to become a full fledged Jockey is not an easy task and requires intense training, competing in rigorous competitions and the will to win.  (Reach Level 10 of Riding Skill & Win/Earn 40,000 Simoleons using your Horses)
The Zoologist – While being able to obtain pets through various ways, there is no greater self-satisfaction for an avid animal lover than to go into the wild, and bring home a native of the animal kingdom. Animals born and bred in the wild have different challenges and responsibilities, as opposed to regular house pets, but that won’t discourage you one bit! (Collect 20 Pets in the wild – Minor Pets only)

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Re: The Sims 3: Pets Guide

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