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To Use Cheats

To show up the cheat box press CTRL, SHIFT, and C keys on your keyboard at the same time.

I’ll darken the screen and there is a cheat box on the top.

Note: Never type the brackets around the variables when you enter any cheat.

Example of entering a cheat:

When you entering this:

resetsim [first name] [lastname]

You must type like this:

resetsim Taylor Swift

Do not use the brackets. Very Happy

Note Regarding in true or false: True means to activate a cheat, while the False means to deactivate a cheat.


Build Cheats

Cheats used when building something. (especially houses)

allowObjectsOnRoofs [true/false]
You can now place objects on roofs

Note: This requires Late Night to work

AlwaysAllowBuildBuy [true/false]
It allows you to go in Build/Buy mode even your house have fires and burglars.

constrainFloorElevation [true/false]
Allows all terrain adjustments even there is objects, Sims, and other structures on them.

EnableLotLocking [true/false]
enables unlocking a lock lot in Edit town mode.

To build on a locked lot like a tomb you can use enablelotlocking or testingcheatsenabled. You use this cheat from Edit Town mode.

By using enablelotlocking: Type enablelotlocking TRUE. Press the little lock close to the "edit lot" button, it will unlock the lot and you can edit it. .

moveobjects [true/false]
Allows moving/placing objects anywhere. Also allows you to pick up sims when in Build/Buy mode.

Note: Disable this when placing doors, because if this is activate when placing doors the wall will be still there and your sims can’t pass into it..

placeFriezes [on/off]
Sets the deck foundation product to type frieze.

removeFloorCutout [true/false]
Removes Floor Cut out

RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings [true/false] or rbbb [on/off]
Removes restrictions for build/buy in buildings

Note: Require Late Night to work

Note 2: Requires testingcheatsenabled true

setFloorCutout [true/false]
Set Floor Cutout center-X center-Z side Length

Allows fixed terrain offset to be applied on import

Career Building
Note: You need TestingCheatsEnabled true in this following cheats will work. Then use SHIFT and use your mouse to click on the sim's career building to bring up the menu.

Force All Events
Click on career building to display all events for the career consecutively.

Force Event
Click on a career building to give you a random career event.

Force Opportunity
Click on career building you work at to force an opportunity

Mailbox Commands

Note: You need TestingCheatsEnabled true so the cheat will work. Then use SHIFT and use your mouse to click on the mailbox to bring up the menu.

Force NPC...
Force a specific Service Sim to show up.

Force Visitor
Force a neighbour to show up.

Make All Happy
Set the mood/moodlets of everyone in the house to perfect. Remove all negative moodlets.

Make Friends For Me
Make a few random friends for the selected Sim.

Make Me Know everyone
Make the selected Sim know everyone in town.

Make Needs (motives) Static/Dynamic
Make motives static/dynamic for the entire household.

Set Career
Give the selected Sim any career at any level.

Supernatural Population Control
Add Supernatural Sim to/Remove Supernatural Sims from the World. Add Supernatural will bring up the type of supernatural you want to add and will change 2 Sims in the world to this supernatural type except for the Sims in your household. The Remove Supernatural works the same way except it will remove all of the supernatural types you selected from the world except for supernaturals in your household.

Note: Obviously needs Supernaturals to work. lol! 

Movie/Picture Taking Cheats

Cheats that are used taking pics and making machinimas (Movies).

fadeObjects [on/off]
Toggles whether objects fade when the camera gets close to them.

hideHeadlineEffects [on/off]
Hides all Sim overhead effects such as thought balloons and speech balloons.

slowMotionViz <level>
Puts the visuals of the game in slow motion. Entering a "level" value is optional. Valid values range from 0 = normal speed to 8 = slowest.

[Tab] Note: this is not a cheat your going to type in cheat box. This is a key in your keyboard.

If Tab is pressed in live mode, the UI will disappear, allowing you to move around freely on the lot. Useful for taking pictures of insides of lots. You do not need to press Ctrl-Shift-C for this to work. You do NOT enter it into the cheat console.

moviemakercheatsenabled [true/false]
This adds four additional menus to the Sim with ctrl+shift+click:

• Animation - Plays specific game animations on Sim

• Turn off Look Ats

• Disable Autonomy

• Edit Sim in Create a Sim

• Sim Shutdown:Prevents all Sims from doing anything other than player initiated interactions. EP - Island Paradise

Note: Requires testingcheatsenabled true.

Mouse Cheats
When TestingCheatsEnabled true (is turned on), shift-clicking on things will give you additional interactions. All these cheats are activated by holding shift and clicking on something.

Add To Active Family
(Target: Any Sim not in Family) Immediately adds targeted sim to the family. Does not bring in money like moving or marriage does.
Note: No effect if the current family is already full.

(Target:toddler) Toggles option for toddler who is aging up to be a non-player-controlled Sim in the household.
Note: Requires Late Night to work

Modify Traits for Active Sim
Works like the Midlife Crisis award: you can edit all 5 traits of your sim.

(Target: Ground) Shift-click on the ground to open a menu with the option "Teleport me here". This will teleport the active sim to that location.Comes in handy for getting around fast.

Trigger Age Transition
(Target: Active Sim) Causes your sim to age up immediately. (Elder sims will die.) Note: Although this menu appears when you click on any sim, it only works on the active sim. It does nothing to other sims.

Modifying Individual Needs
(Target: Need Moodlet) If you Ctrl + Click any negative need moodlet in your sim's moodlet panel, the related motive is automatically set to maximum.

Other Cheats

buydebug [on/off]
Makes Debug objects available for placement in buy mode. You can make your own tombs and triggers and fishing holes with the goodies. You'll see them in the (?) question mark panel in Buy Mode).
Note: Requires testingCheatsEnabled true.

RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings [true/false]
Allows unrestricted building in the properties marked as public spaces (e.g. lobbies, entrance halls, etc.).

Note: Requires testingCheatsEnabled true.

DiscoTags [on/off]
Makes the tags that mark venues, rabbitholes and homes in the neighborhood view different colors.

Adds 50,000 simoleons to the household. Must be in live sims mode to use - does not work in neighborhood view.

Unlocks all Uncharted Islands, which then become Private Lots owned by the selected Sim family.

Note: Requires Island Paradise to work.

familyfunds [Familyname amount]
Give your family as much money as you want. Say you have a family named the Swift family. While you are in their house, go into the cheat window and type: familyfunds Swift 9999999
Note: Requires testingCheatsEnabled true.

fps [on/off]
Turns the frame rate display in the upper right corner or or off.

Ignores the cost when buying a lot for the current game.
Tip: This is useful in starting a new game

fullscreen [on/off]
Switches to fullscreen when on, windowed when off.

help <cheatname>
Typing "help" by itself lists all currently available cheats and a short description of each. Entering a cheat name after "help" displays just that cheat and its short description.

Shows random joke on cheat console.

Adds 1,000 to active household's funds

resetsim [first name] [lastname]
In the rare case that a Sim gets "stuck" in an interaction or somewhere around town or gets something stuck to it, use this cheat. It may take a while for the Sim to appear because it is being entirely rebuilt. Usage

Note: Resets the named Sim with neutral motives, no moodlets, and teleports Sim back home.

Gives 2,500 Lifetime Happiness Points to active Sim.

unlockoutfits [on/off]
Includes career outfits and service Sim outfits as options in Create a Sim. The cheat must be entered before going into CAS.

[up arrow] Note: this is not a cheat your going to type in cheat box. This is a key in your keyboard.

Recalls the last cheat typed into the cheat window (per game instance).

Exits the game.

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